Programs and Services


Clinical services provided by our multi-disciplinary team of Indigenous Health Workers, Registered Nurses and GPs;

  • Bulk Billing
  • General primary health care consultation
  • Aged health assessments
  • Adult health checks
  • Child health checks
  • Hearing Health screening
  • Women’s Health (Pap smears, pregnancy tests)
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection screening
  • ECG heart check
  • Vaccination: Children and travel
  • Minor surgery: Stitching cuts, removal of moles and sunspots, liquid nitrogen freezing therapy
  • Nutritional advice
  • Home Visits including postnatal care and client follow up after discharge from hospital
  • Health education and promotional programs
  • Immunisation days (weekly on Mondays between 8:30am and 12:30pm)


To be advised

Social Support Services provided;

  • Social Health Unit (Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5:00pm)
  • Health screening days at schools in Mackay and surrounding Districts


  • Transport services are available for patients to attend appointments at the service by appointment only.

Transport terms & Conditions

To ensure that the provision of the transport service is effective and efficient, we ask the following terms and conditions are followed;

  1. Transport MUST be booked 24 hours in advance & patients are asked to be ready an hour early of their pick up time to ensure the flow of transport.
  2. Transport is provided for the elderly patients and those who use public transport system.
  3. All transport is to be booked with ATSICHS Reception staff. They can be contacted on the number provided below.
  4. Anyone that is under the influence of drugs and alcohol will not be allowed to use the service.
  5. No threatening or abusive language will be tolerated. You will be asked to leave respectively and transport will be refused.
  6. Pick up is to be from your residence only. Bookings from alternative addresses will be declined access to transport.
  7. Clients should be waiting ready to be picked up by the transport driver.

Note the driver will not wait more than two (2) minutes.

  1. The transport driver will beep his horn to advise you that he is waiting. The driver will only beep his horn three (3) times and wait for two (2) minutes before travelling on to his next pick up.
  2. The transport driver will provide door-to-door assistance for the elderly and people with a disability.
  3. Clients MUST ensure to contact ATSICHS Reception staff the day before if you no longer require transport and a new appointment can be rescheduled accordingly.
  4. Failure to contact ATSICHS to advise us of not requiring transport service may lead to you being suspended from receiving any further transport for a period of up to three (3) months.
  5. All clients MUST wear seat belts and parents should ensure to restrain children in the transport vehicles at all times.
  6. DRINKS and FOOD are not allowed in the vehicles at all times. Client will be asked to leave the vehicle respectively.
  7. ATSICHS transport is ONLY provided for clients to and from their medical appointment with ATSICHS. Note This does not include Medication or Chemist pickups.

Not abiding by these mentioned terms and conditions may lead to suspension and cancellation of the transport service provided to you.